The Village School

Situated in Rajpur in Gaya, the Village School attempts to bring

  1. To woo back children who dropped out of school because they could not keep up.
  2. To engage with brighter children who need academic support that is not easily available in their home.
  3. Those who have never been to school into the fold.

Provide them a vision that their basic reading, writing and comprehension skills can help them bridge their gap with current exciting progress in education with the help of information technology tools.

See how its done

For the past 25 years or so The Kirk View School has been bringing into its fold the children of its support staff. Almost any request to admit a child, has been honoured. The steps followed have been simple. The child is admitted and provided the same facilities as any other child, including uniforms, books, tiffin boxes and water bottles and a school bags. Over the years, the uniform vendor has been providing these uniforms, supporting this very important initiative.

Over the years the principal of The Kirk View School says, the children who have studied here for free have either been admitted to other schools in Gaya and have since completed their school level education.

In the current session there are 12 children who are enrolled