Success stories

In 1992, some well-known families in the City, approached the school principal with a proposition. They had drivers whose children needed to be in good pre-schools so that they could gain admission in the recognized schools in the city. Mrs Chatterjee, accepted several such children. Since then children of Kirk View Kindergarten’s support staff have also been accommodated. Since the Kirk View Kindergarten was only up to Class V, many such children have had the opportunity to experience their first years of schooling in Kirk View Kindergarten.

For the past 25 years or so –Kirk View Kindergarten School has been bringing into its fold the children of its support staff. Almost any request to admit a child, has been honoured. The steps followed have been simple. The child is admitted and provided the same facilities as any other child, including uniforms, books, tiffin boxes and water bottles and a school bags. Over the years, the uniform vendor has been providing these uniforms, supporting this very important initiative.

Over the years the principal of The Kirk View School says, the children who have studied here for free – have either been admitted to other schools in Gaya and have since completed their school level education.

In the current session there are 12 children who are enrolled

Karun and Sunny

When Dileep Kumar moved to work as a driver in Kirk View Kindergarten 15 years ago, he confidently asked if his children could be admitted to the school. Today Karuna (18) and Sunny (21) are two extremely responsible adults. Sunny studied from nursery to class1 at Kirk View. He did his graduation from Gaya Ccollege and is currently a teacher in DAV School. Karuna studied in Kirk View from nursery to class 5. She then moved to Nazareth academy and studied till class10. She is a very bright student and is fondly remembered.

Dalia Chatterjee

When Dalia Chatterjee’s mother approached the Kirk View Kindergarten for her child’s admission, this well-known family in Gaya was going through a severe financial crisis. Apart from the family having to sell an established printing press, Dalia had also lost her father. Dalia’s mother was forced to start up an intensive small business – where she bought saris from Kolkata and hawked them to women around Gaya. Dalia was in the Kirk View Kindergarten from nursery to Class V from 1997-2004 and later moved to DAV to complete her schooling. She is remembered as a very active student who loved danced and sang well.

Today the 20 year is a confident teacher in one of the city’s best known schools (Crane school)

Abhishek Kumar

Burima – a vegetable vendor, once ventured to ask Mrs Chatterjee if she would help her grandchildren - Abhishek Kumar (18) and Mohit Kumar. Abhishek studied in the school from 1999-2008 from nursery to Class VI and then moved to Zila School. While Mohit is still in the Kirk View School, Abhishek is now studying his Intermedate in Mahesh Singh Jadav College. Abhishek was a quiet and simple boy.


Currently studying engineering in Jallander. Rohit studied in the Kirk View Kindergarten until Class V and then moved to DAV in 2004. His grandmother is a cook and his father who works as a street food vendor, felt that the child was bright and asked his mother to speak to the Kirk View Kindergarten principal. Rohit indeed was a sober child and Mrs Chatterjee remembers him to be dedicated and committed to studying.

Muskan Kumari

Muskan Kumari is a bright young girl who is currently studying in class 7 at The Kirk View School. Her father works as a handy man and her mother is a housewife. She is a very well behaved and sweet girl who loves to sing and dance. Muskan wants to become a teacher when she grows up.